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The Fundraising Campaign for Teton Science Schools through May 31, 2014

2014 Color uses art and mathematics to invite people to donate to Teton Science Schools during our fiscal year ending May 31, 2014. 2014 Color is inspired by a famous artist’s work; Christo created environmental art on a massive scale.  

At Teton Science Schools, simple art will recognize 2,014 unique individual donations, from $1 to $2,014.  Each of the 2,014 markers, or flowers, will have four components:

1. The dollar amount of the gift.  A donor may choose to give any amount he or she likes. If the amount is greater than $2,014, the donor can give a ‘block’ of numbers. For example, a donor giving $112,252 can choose to give a block of 133 gifts, from $778 to $910, inclusive. (These 133 numbers add up to 112,252!) TSS staff will assist donors willing to give amounts greater than $2,014; staff will locate one or more blocks of numbers that add up to the desired gift. In reverse, many donors may combine gifts to be symbolized by one flag, one number.

2. The donor name(s) 

3. A twitter length message created by the donor. If the donor chooses, a 140 character message can be written on each flower.  

4. A numeric combination.  Each numbered gift is accompanied by a combination. The combination shows how 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 can be combined using five arithmetic operators  (plus +, minus -, divide /, multiply * , and exponentiation ^),  using each number once and only once. For example, a donor of $1,922 might provide the combination 2*(4^5)-(7*6*3). Combinations will become a community project, to be provided by students, faculty and staff, graduate students, parents, and by the donors themselves. 

Together these flowers will bloom on our campuses as the years goes on.

What gifts count? 

Any gift given to the Comprehensive Campaign or Annual Fund (including Teton Science Schools, Journeys School and Teton Valley Community School) from October 1 – May 31, 2014.

Luke Stalker Program for Global Initiatives

To make a gift in honor of Luke Stalker to the Luke Stalker Program for Global Initiatives, click on the 'donate' button below. Funds will be shared between Journeys School of Teton Science Schools and Colgate University.


Teton Science Schools depend on your generous support! To donate to Teton Science Schools and Journeys School please click the "donate" buttons below.

Support Teton Science Schools: Annual Fund

Maintaining your support for Annual Giving is critical to ensure the best in education, supporting students, teachers, programs and facilities year after year.

Ways to Give

1. Direct Online Giving:

2. Personal Check: Please send a check payable to Teton Science Schools to: Teton Science Schools Annual Fund, 700 Coyote Canyon Rd., Jackson, WY 83001.

3. Credit Card: Please send credit card information to Teton Science Schools Annual Fund, 700 Coyote Canyon Rd., Jackson, WY 83001 or call 307.733.1313.

4. Gifts of Stock and Securities: The following information will enable your broker to facilitate an electronic transfer of stock. (  Download Stock Transfer Protocol - 17 KB)

5. Planned Gifts: Please call 307.733.1313 for details and instructions.

Support Journeys School: Annual Fund

Supporting Journeys School through the Annual Fund, time and event participation all create the strong community that makes the school unique. Please click here to learn more about supporting Journeys School. 

Support Teton Valley Community School: Annual Fund

Supporting Teton Valley Community School through the Annual Fund helps ensure that the school meets it's mission to educate the whole child by integrating academic excellence, community and character development. Please click here to learn more about supporting Teton Valley Community School.

Download Teton Science Schools' Gift Acceptance and Privacy Policies
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